A big HEJ from Roskilde!

We from 23 have been looking forward to this moment! The music countdown is running and we are thrilled to welcome you here at Roskilde. Throughout the next days, we have planned some exciting events, where you also got the chance to meet our newest addition to the 23 Family, PAL.

If you are already here today, meet us for a little get together from 3-5pm at Vega Bar inside of Mediebyen. If you can’t make it today, then make sure to join us Friday for a Creativity Meetup and Saturday for Twedagsbar. You can find all details in the video as well as on our Facebook page.

Roskilde Day #1 – Visual Diary and atmosphere


If you have been following our activities lately, you probably know that Roskilde Festival is our partner in crime and that we have set up various events on the festival ground. This is the first edition of our Roskilde series called “Daily Marketing News” that we present to you durinng the festival week. We hope you enjoy our daily activities and if you cannot get enough, make sure to follow us on our Twitter (@23video) for more real-time news .

Video Can Drive Change – A chat with Jonathan Wichmann

We had the pleasure to have a chat with Jonathan Wichmann – former Head of Social at Mærsk, now Co-founder of the social media consultancy Orca Social.

We do not want to give away too much because the video speaks for itself. But here’s a little spoiler: Jonathan speaks about his experience with video and gives two examples of videos that have been driving change. The key here is that brands need to let go of their power and let their employees tell the story.