Meet our new buddies: Roskilde Festival!


A single fact is all the explanation you need before you understand why we’re excited to announce our new strategic partnership with the legendary Roskilde Festival: Between us on the 23 team, we’ve attended the festival 68 times! In other words, we’re fans…

23 Video is now powering Roskilde’s Orange TV and we can’t wait to see how that will take off over the coming years of the partnership.

Over the last months we have helped build a site that empowers Roskilde to showcase their awesome content. Everything from concerts, band exclusives, camp life, charity initiatives, art projects and festival food can now be experienced or re-experienced at Orange TV – designed to bring that unique Orange feeling alive online.

Re-introducing Resumable.js

This week we’ve been releasing our favorite internal tools as open source projects. We first took this apporach with Resumable.js a little over a year ago — and since then the project has spurred an active community with a thousand followers, 93 forks and several implementation and contributions to the code base.

Resumable.js is the core of the 23 Video uploader. Our users upload a large number of very large files every day, and some times files of several gigabytes are transferred over a simple HTTP connection. When this works, it feel like a miracle; but we built Resumable.js to improve the experience of uploading large files. By adding the ability for uploads to be paused and resumed. And to handle network issues gracefully without canceling an entire upload.