The past 6 months have been a crazy ride. More and more organizations are ready to reinvent their online communication and we couldn’t be more happy about the number of great, new family members since the beginning of this year. The journey is still in full swing and that’s why we would like to present you our newest additions.

We are so excited to have Jacob Jansson and Maria Willoch on board from now on! These two have just joined the 23 team as Solutions Manager based in Copenhagen and Sales Manager in Norway!

Roskilde Festival Day #4: Creativity Meetup

Friday was all about the Creativity Meetup together with Creative Circle on Roskilde Festival’s grounds. From 3 to 5, creative people gathered in the Backstage area (at Vega Bar) and had a fun time chatting along on one of the hottest days of Roskilde Festival.

Then the unexpected happened: for unknown reasons there were loads of Germans at Vega Bar and they were all getting excited for the German-France World Cup game that evening. Our new family member PAL surely knew how to make footbal fans happy:

Roskilde Festival Day #2: A big HEJ from the festival area!

We from 23 have been looking forward to this moment! The music countdown is running and we are thrilled to welcome you here at Roskilde. Throughout the next days, we have planned some exciting events, where you also got the chance to meet our newest addition to the 23 Family, PAL.

If you are already here today, meet us for a little get together from 3-5pm at Vega Bar inside of Mediebyen. If you can’t make it today, then make sure to join us Friday for a Creativity Meetup and Saturday for Twedagsbar. You can find all details in the video as well as on our Facebook page.